12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Livestream: Imperial Ecologies – Day 2

Due to technical problems, the livestream is running irregularly. We will publish a recording of the conference online soon.

The first conference of the 12th Berlin Biennale addresses the impact of Europe’s imperial expansion on the earth’s ecosystems.

2–3 pm

Artist talk with Layth Kareem and Rijin Sahakian: Nation Building and Unbuilding

3–3.15 pm


3.15–5 pm

Panel with Samaneh Moafi and Susan Schuppli, Moderation: Doreen Mende: Weaponized Environments

5–5.15 pm

Lecture: Eyal Weizman

5.15–5.45 pm


5.45–7.15 pm

Panel with Etinosa Yvonne, Joseph Tonda, and Stefania Pandolfo, Moderation: Kader Attia: Hence, We Dream: Dreams in Capitalist Societies

7.15–7.30 pm


7.30–8.15 pm

Keynote by Jürgen Zimmerer, followed by a Q&A with Ana Teixeira Pinto: Naming the Crime of Colonialism: The German Example

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Livestream: Berliner Hochschule für Technik

You are welcome to ask questions to participants during the conference via: conference@berlinbiennale.de. Selected questions will be answered in the room, along with questions from the audience.

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