Hiking with Extremely Old Men

  • 3.9.2022 Saturday 3.30 — 5 pm
  • 4.9.2022 Sunday 3.30 — 5 pm

KW Institute for Contemporary Art and surroundings (Meeting point KW Counter)
Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin

Not wheelchair accessible

With Raoul Zoellner

Get your fast food on Alexanderplatz and take in the taste of retrofuturism and soviet-era remnants towering 368 meters high above you. You’re at the former center of the antiimperialistic state that ceased to exist three decades ago. The backdrop to an odd plot twist: the empire is right next door again—the palace is back. Next to it is the dynastic tomb of its previous Prussian landlords. Walk up the hallway of KW Institute for Contemporary Art and you can see the massive dome above their burial grounds. Up here we will mythologize the “one historical instant,” when “the two-faced eagle of corrupt tradition lost its grip on the city.”

Raoul Zoellner grew up in the Mitte district of Berlin during the transitional period of the 1990s, studied at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, and is now director of the Boros Foundation in Berlin.

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