Netiquette for the official social media pages of the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

The Berlin Biennale aims to create possibilities for encounter and exchange, including in digital spaces. We encourage comments on our posts, photos, videos, and further content, and support exchange with one another and with us. We expressly call for a respectful approach to others. The following rules apply to dialogue on our platforms:

Racist, antisemitic, sexist, ableist, antiqueer, and otherwise discriminatory expressions; disrespectful, insulting, slandering, conspiracy-theoretical, and obscene comments; as well as links referring to such content will not be tolerated. Equally, we will not tolerate incitements to acts of violence or crime in any form.

We reserve the right to delete without comment and report any comments or postings that have illegal content and violate the above-listed points. We reserve the right to take legal action in the event of a violation.