Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City

Using the example of Berlin, the pilot project Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City attempts to identify (post)colonial effects present in a metropolis and its institutions, inhabitants, and physical spaces. The project space is located on Wilhelmstraße 92 between the former sites of the Reich Chancellery and the Foreign Office, where envoys of the European powers, the United States, and the Ottoman Empire convened for the Berlin Conference (1884/85) at the invitation of the German Reich and the Republic of France. Here, they reached an agreement about the rules for the colonial partitioning of Africa, creating the necessary conditions for its exploitation. Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City is a joint project of Berlin Postkolonial e. V., Each One Teach One (EOTO) e. V., Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD Bund e. V.), and the Stadtmuseum Berlin Foundation.


Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City ©

Wilhelmstraße 92, 10117 Berlin

Can be visited at any time (storefront vitrine)

Wheelchair accessible