Zuzanna Hertzberg: Jewish Anarchist Women against Hegemony


© Zuzanna Hertzberg

KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Meeting point: courtyard)
Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin


Performative walk followed by an audience conversation


This anti-hegemonic, anti-imperialist performative walk will go from KW Institute for Contemporary Art to a nearby courtyard (Krausnickpark) in a former Jewish neighborhood of Berlin, where the artist will share stories about Jewish-Ukrainian women anarchists from the first half of the 20th century.

Fanny Kaplan, Olga Taratuta, and Milly Witkop were connected to Berlin through the migration of ideas, nomadism, and the transboundary resistance against various forms of hegemony exercised by state-driven, ideological, and sociocultural systems of oppression.

This art action will also be an introduction and invitation to a conversation between the participants about how each of us understands hegemony and imperialism and a joint attempt to recontextualize these terms from different perspectives, practices, and experiences.

Let’s share the herstories of the Jewish-Ukrainian women anarchists and grasp their relevance for the present. What they acted on and fought against can also help us better understand current events and the perspectives of people from the former Eastern Bloc.

Internationalism and Nomadism. Energy overcoming territorial borders and cultural differences. The embodiment of utopia is a matter of today, not tomorrow.


Free admission