Tracing De/Colonial Contours

  • 6.7.2022 Wednesday 6 — 7.30 pm
  • 20.7.2022 Wednesday 6 — 7.30 pm

Akademie der Künste
Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin
and walk through Tiergarten


With Feben Amara and Nene Opoku (Black Earth Collective)

The Anthropocene has proven to be a treacherous conundrum. The catastrophes of the past and present are overlaid by technoid fantasies of omnipotence. By changing the perspective, possibly by rotating the head, can we leave behind the rigid views and tilt the image to make the diversity of contours perceptible?

In this focus tour, we will draw attention to the colonial dimension of our ecological crisis through various artistic positions. We will shift our point of view through seeing, speaking, and walking to look at decolonial and antiracist perspectives.

Feben Amara is an art and cultural studies scholar working across media and disciplines at the intersections of text production, art education, and artistic intervention. She researches the relationships between artistic and cultural productions and practices of resistance and organizing. At the 12th Berlin Biennale, she is part of the art education team.

Nene Opoku focuses on ideologies of inequality as seen through a comparative historical perspective. She is also a member of the Black Earth Kollektiv Berlin, which addresses climate (in)justice from a decolonial and intersectional perspective.

Focus tours invite you to explore inside and outside the exhibition space and sharpen your seeing, listening, and thinking, based on specific themes. Focus tours are a mix between public tour and workshop. They are free of charge and are organized by the Berlin Biennale educational team.

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