Loud and Quiet – Which Sounds Do We Follow Where?

  • 21.7.2022 Thursday 4 — 6 pm
  • 23.7.2022 Saturday 4 — 6 pm

Stasi Headquarters. Campus for Democracy 

Ruschestraße 103, Haus 22, 10365 Berlin



With: Arootin Mirzakhani and Lena Bakonalim 


How loud are our bodies? How quiet are our bodies? Which spaces allow which sounds? Where do echoes arise and how do we listen to them? Institutional, public, and private spaces are riddled with controllers that amplify, contain, or mute sound. What would it mean to listen to artworks, their spaces, and ourselves encountering each other? What sounds are present, past, and future? How and where do we follow these sounds? Between art, us, and institutions the most is unsung, how can we make these in-between and outside spaces sound?


Arootin Mirzakhani lives_works with a focus on the use of art as a thinking system to situate hegemonic conditions structurally within togetherness—one’s own un_freedom and that of others is essential.

Lena Bakonalim lives and works with the transitions of space, intimacy, voice, and sound. Through her performances, she negotiates relationships of togetherness and explores the ephemeral.

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