Embodied Knowledges, Pickled Perceptions

  • 24.8.2022 Wednesday 2 — 6.30 pm

Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg

Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

English and German
With: Christopher Wierling and ROKU (food project by Akko Ono)

Knowledge and culture are always embodied. In front of the white walls of museum spaces, differences in positioning and habitus come to the fore. Which physical reactions and needs – from thirst, exhaustion, to focus, attraction, and pleasure – do we notice on ourselves while moving through an exhibition? Taking these minoritized feelings seriously also means to understand them as potential approaches to the perception and critique of artistic productions and their institutionalized barriers. Which of these affects and inscriptions need to be questioned, which do we want to amplify and put to use?

After visiting the 12th Berlin Biennale chapter, which deals with decolonial ecologies at Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg, we will think about the themes of the exhibition and attempt to find other ways of accessing them besides the mode of seeing and the dominant gaze.

Workshop with Christopher Wierling, pickles and snacks by ROKU. Further guests to be announced. Participation is free, but we kindly ask for a donation for the food (vegan, organic). Following the picnic, we will take an optional walk to Berlin-Moabit to the Peace Statue, the memorial initiated by the action group “Trostfrauen” of the Korea Verband in Berlin.

Christopher Wierling (he/him) is an artist and cultural worker based in Berlin. Making use of methods from the fields of cultural studies and art mediation, his work is concerned with resistance practices, queer histories, and critical storytelling. He is an associated contributor to the public program of Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin and has exhibited at Kunstverein Hannover, at Villa Arson in Nice, and as part of the “Pogo Bar” Series at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

ROKU is a food project by chef and activist Akko Ono (she/her) that exists since 2005 and came to Berlin from Tokyo in 2012. ROKU loves to find new combinations of taste, create deeper umami, make people happy, satisfied, healthy and experience something new.

The meeting point for the workshop is the entrance at Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg.

Registration is only possible via mediation@berlinbiennale.de. The number of participants is limited. Participation is only possible with a confirmation email by the mediation team.

This workshop is part of the discursive program of the 12th Berlin Biennale. Taking the restitution debate as a starting point, it explores how colonialism and imperialism continue to operate in the present.