Digestive Walk. A Sensory and Participative City Walk by and with guest art facilitators from the Art in Context masters program at the Berlin University of the Arts


With: Judith Greitemann, Min Kyung Kim, Nina Berfelde

German and English


The seminar Art Biennials: Where Do We Go From Here?, led by Yvette Mutumba and Julia Grosse, is a cooperation between the 12th Berlin Biennale and students of the Art in Context masters program at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). Three artists from the masters program cordially invite 12 people on a walk taking place in three stages, starting at the Berlin Stasi Museum and ending at the Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz. The group will be a participatory work of art in urban space. Following a route of approx. 8 km, we will experience the context and history of Berlin institutions, partly in silence and with changing perspectives. During the walk, personal narratives and histories will be shared. Before and after the walk, participants will be invited to visit the exhibition venues of the 12th Berlin Biennale to “spice up and digest the experience of the walk with their own ingredients.” These visits should be made individually and with an exhibition ticket. Accessibility for persons with mobility impairments and families will be accommodated by dividing the walk into three segments. Breaks are planned.


Meeting point:

Stasi Headquarters. Campus for Democracy
Ruschestraße 103, 10365 Berlin

End of tour
Akademie der Künste
Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin

Interim stations where participants may join or end the walk:

1. 11:15 am, in front of the Späti “Kiezladen” at Krossener Straße 21 (at Boxhagener Platz. Reachable by trams M10, M13, 21 and a few minutes’ walk).

2. 1 pm, S & U-Bhf Jannowitzbrücke, on the terrace of Backwerk / riverside. Reachable with S3/5/7/9, U8 & Bus 300)

Please register via mediation@berlinbiennale.de. Participation is possible with a confirmation email.