Bodies of Racialization

  • 3.9.2022 Saturday 11 am — 1.30 pm
  • 10.9.2022 Saturday 11 am — 1.30 pm

KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Courtyard)

Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin

Not wheelchair accessible


With: Safir Boukhalfa

How do we apprehend the effect of racialization in a said “postcolonial” society? How do we deal with our bodies, which are supposed to be liberated but hold the weight of systemic oppressions? How do we understand violence as a persisting oppressive tool in self described “peaceful” Western societies? Which strategies do we develop to find suitable answers to these rhetorical questions?

Following Audre Lorde’s assertion “I cannot afford the luxury of fighting one form of oppression only. I cannot afford to believe that freedom from intolerance is the right of only one particular group,” the conversation will drift towards intersectionality, multi-dimensionality, and universalism.

This focus tour offers beginnings of critical dialogues about decolonial feminism and is an invitation to open a conversation about the questions that people from marginalized communities will likely face at some point during their life journey. We will follow and link these topics to the works of decolonial feminist artists such as Mónica de Miranda’s Path to the Stars, Deneth Piumakshi Veda Arachchige’s Self-Portrait as Restitution – From a Feminist Point of View, and Mayuri Chari’s I Was Not Created for Pleasure.

Safir Boukhalfa is a French-Algerian Muslim queer non-binary writer. Their work engages in critical practices between fashion and writing, dealing with questions and conflicts of diversity. They often take root in their personal questioning to tackle bigger societal issues. As a part of Dune Magazine, a webzine collective specializing in the North-African diaspora experience across the globe, they focus is on Resistance, Identity(-ies), Diaspora, Queerness, and Colonialisms.

Focus Tours invite you to explore inside and outside the exhibition space and sharpen your seeing, listening, and thinking, based on specific themes. Focus Tours are a mix between public tour and workshop. They are free of charge and are organized by the Berlin Biennale educational team.

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