12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Sound #5. Faire Lieu [Make a place]

Somewhere in the North of Marseille

This sound work is part of the podcast series Museum of Breath.

With: Coralie, Fafa Mameri, Juliette Detroy, Kader Goual, Karim Limam, Lila, and Yazid Bendaif  (storytelling); Olivier Marboeuf (poems); Victor Donati (sound design); Blessing Tony and Kate Fletcher (voices)

Music by: Kate Fletcher; excerpt from Ancient lace performed by Mohammed Djellal and Kate Fletcher; excerpt from Chehilet laayani; Kamel Guémari, City Council of Marseille

Edited and coproduced with l’Après M and Rara Woulib

No derivative works license


With anything


I can make a place


Give me a roundabout

and I will make a place

Give me

a highway

a wasteland

a garage

and I will make it a place

Give me

a football field

a sunburnt lawn

and I will make it a place

I don’t need noble materials

I don’t need a plan

In my head

There are all the places

And all the forgotten languages

And all the beautiful memories

And all the struggles, all the victories

And the bitter defeats

Give me some concrete

Give me sand

Of looks


I will make a place

Give me a MacDonald

Lost somewhere

And even this

I will make it a place

Give me colours

And give me breaths

And even under a blazing sun

I will make a place

With anything


I will make a place


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