12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Panel: Ramak Molavi, Shazeda Ahmed. Moderation: Kader Attia. Algorithmic Surveillance and the Question of Automated Fairness

Panel held within the framework of the conference The Digital Divide on September 15, 2022 at Stasi Headquarters. Campus for Democracy, Berlin.

How has the discussion about the digital divide developed, what is understood by it, and how is the divide being exacerbated by the increasing use of artificial intelligence in all areas of life? Based on automated courtroom technologies used in China, Ramak Molavi and Shazeda Ahmed engage in a conversation about human rights in the light of algorithmic surveillance. Molavi traces the arc from unequal access to technology, to algorithmic control of workers and citizens, to the central role that surveillance plays in this evolution. The two speakers will address relations between digital and social inequality: How might courtroom automation interact with repressive governance, potentially thwarting the objectives of justice that these technologies purport to achieve? How can online trials be designed to include accountability mechanisms and other questions stemming from the combination of artificial intelligence and law?

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