12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Keynote: Evgeny Morozov. Tech Utopias After Solutionism. Q&A with Katrin Becker

Keynote held within the framework of the conference The Digital Divide on September 15, 2022 at Stasi Headquarters. Campus for Democracy, Berlin. The keynote is followed by a Q&A with Katrin Becker.

If the buzz around crypto or Web3 (tomorrow’s Web of decentralized blockchain technologies) teaches us anything, it is that there’s a longing for a tech-utopia beyond what Big Tech currently offers us. Evgeny Morozov will critique the two visions, finding common solutionist themes in both today’s web of Big Tech platforms and tomorrow’s Web of decentralized blockchain technologies. He will focus on what is still salvageable in the idea of techno-utopia, how it is to connect, if at all, to political utopias of the twentieth century, and what kind of ideological/theoretical content we could underpin once solutionism is discarded.

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