12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Livestream: Imperial Ecologies – Day 1

The first conference of the 12th Berlin Biennale addresses the impact of Europe’s imperial expansion on the earth’s ecosystems.


6 pm

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Kader Attia


6:30–7 pm

Keynote by Malcom Ferdinand: The Double Toxicity of Imperialism. Perspectives from the French Overseas Territories


7–8 pm

Artist Talk with Imani Jacqueline Brown and Sammy Baloji, Moderation: Malcom Ferdinand: Unveiling Extractivism through Artistic Practices

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Livestream: Berliner Hochschule für Technik

You are welcome to ask questions to participants during the conference via: conference@berlinbiennale.de. Selected questions will be answered in the room, along with questions from the audience.

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