How to use the Website

The 12th Berlin Biennale in Plain English

Our website contains information about the

12th Berlin Biennale.

You can see the contents in the Menu on the left.

Click the word Menu

Then you can make the menu smaller.

Or you can use the drop-down menu.

The first button is Tickets, Visit and Press.

This is most of the information you need.

Click the word Tickets.

This opens our Online Shop.

Here you can buy tickets for the Berlin Biennale.

Click the word Visit.

This shows you information about the different venues.

For example,

·      the opening times

·      adresses and

·      how to get to the centres.

Click the word Press.

This is information for journalists.
Journalists work for newspapers, radio and television.

There is a large white box on the left.

Click the word About.

This is information about the Biennale.

For example,

·      The main idea of the 12th Berlin Biennale.

·      The names of the Biennale team.

·      And the sponsors of the Biennale.

Click the word Artists.

This shows you

·      the names of the artists

·      the works of art

at the 12th Berlin Biennale.

Click the word Venues.

This is a list of all the venues for the Biennale.

Click the word Program.

This is a list of the events at the Biennale.

When they take place.

And where they take place.

Under the large white box on the left:

Click the word Guide.

This takes you back to the home page.

This word is on every page of our website.

It is always on the left of the page.

Next to the word Guide.

Click the word Media.

This shows you the digital content.
Digital content is for example, videos.

This digital content is for the 12th Berlin Biennale.

You can also search for a word on the website.

There is a white box under Menu.

This is the Search button.
You can write a word in this box.

Then click the picture of the magnifying glass.

This shows you a list of words.

These are the results of your search.

At the bottom right of the page.

click the word Newsletter.

You can sign up for our newsletter here.

The newsletter is the latest information about the Biennale.

We send you this newsletter as an email.